GHOST RIDER 1 SU VARIANT [1:25] (2/9/2022) ship date (3/3/2022) DELAYED 2/23/2022 SHIPS 3/16/2022 BACKISSUE

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Comic Script by: Benjamin Percy
Illustrated by: Cory Smith
Cover Design or Artwork by: Benjamin Su

JOHNNY BLAZE!! Johnny Blaze has the perfect life: a wife and two kids, a job at an auto repair shop and a small-town community that supports him… But Johnny isn't doing well. He has nightmares of monsters when he sleeps. And he sees bloody visions when he's awake. This life is beginning to feel like a prison. And there's a spirit in him that's begging to break out! Benjamin Percy (WOLVERINE, X-FORCE) and Cory Smith (CONAN THE BARBARIAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL) are going back to basics with the Spirit of Vengeance in this extra-sized first issue!

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