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Comic Script by: Saladin Ahmed
Illustrated by: Martin Coccolo

THE LEGEND BEGINS ANEW IN THE ADAMANTIUM-TOUGH NEW ONGOING SERIES! There's a killer in the woods - and as WOLVERINE's attempt at piece is shattered, an OLD ENEMY will re-emerge as a NEW VILLAIN rises who will bring LOGAN to the brink of his berserker rage. But NIGHTCRAWLER knows his old friend is capable of doing what's right, and before long, Logan will have to unleash his claws, push his healing factor to the limit and demonstrate he's the best there is at what he does once and for all - nice be damned! The legendary WOLVERINE ongoing series kicks off anew with the superstar creative team of Saladin Ahmed (DAREDEVIL, MS. MARVEL) and Martín Cóccolo (DEADPOOL, IMMORTAL THOR) beginning their epic journey with Logan! Collector's Note: A key FIRST APPEARANCE and a major addition to the lore of Wolverine in this issue!

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