STORM #1 JOELLE JONES VARIANT[1:50] (10/2/2024)

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Comic Script by: Murewa Ayodele
Illustrated by: Lucas Werneck
Cover Design or Artwork by: Joelle Jones

EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MUTANT, NOW HEADLINING HER OWN SOLO SERIES! Ororo Munroe has lived many lives. She’s been a thief, a goddess, an X-Man, a queen and now an Avenger! She is the most prominent, most respected and most powerful mutant on the world stage – and in that role, she intends to be a force for positive change! First up: A major meltdown at a nuclear facility in Oklahoma City draws Storm from her Sanctuary in Atlanta – and into a moral conflict that will test her iron resolve! Guest-starring X-FACTOR’s FRENZY!

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