VENOMVERSE REBORN #3 (8/28/2024)

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Comic Script by: Gerry Duggan, Steve Foxe
Illustrated by: Kei Zama
Cover Design or Artwork by: Tony Daniel

A VENOM FOR EVERY UNIVERSE! Our journey of Venomous beings across the Multiverse continues with darkness, light and everything in between! First up, Gerry Duggan brings us the tragic tale of Venom's biggest fan! Then Ryan North & Matthew Waite bring us a surprising tail of Venom Rex! Next up is the reveal of the all-new symbiote who fights Spider-Verse breakout star, Web-Weaver, from Steve Foxe & Kei Zama! And it's all wrapped up in a special black suit spun by Al Ewing & Danilo S. Beyruth!

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