VENOMVERSE REBORN #4 (9/11/2024)

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Comic Script by: Dan Slott, Justina Ireland
Illustrated by: Stephen Byrne, Ken Lashley
Cover Design or Artwork by: Tony Daniel

NOTHING BUT VENOMS! The journey across the VENOMVERSE reaches uncharted territory in the wide, weird and uncanny Marvel Universe(s)! Spider-scribe DAN SLOTT teams up with STEPHEN BYRNE to team NIGHTHAWK up with Venom! JUSTINA IRELAND and KEN LASHLEY travel to the ancient past and never-before-seen present of a Wakanda forged not of vibranium - but of symbiote! And AL EWING and DANILO S. BEYRUTH set the stage for what's to come for the future of the VENOMVERSE!

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